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2019 Summer Camps:


$250 per camper, minimum 4 per session


Ages 14-17 in the morning sessions and 10-13 in the afternoon sessions


June 10-14 from 9-1 or 1-4pm 

June 17-21 from 9-1 or 1-4

June 24-28 from 9-1 or 1-4


July 22-26 from 1-4pm

July 29-Aug 2 from 1-4pm


Each day will be broken up with breaks and supervised free time


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Miss Kristi Amdur, Art Teacher:



“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.”    -Henry Ward Beecher


Kristi Amdur has taught middle school art at a variety of schools and environments and is excited to partner with the Recreation Department in hosting summer art camps for students age 10-17. Kristi Amdur is a member of PRUMC and provides art instruction at Lovett and Westminster Schools. Her teaching specialty is helping students make connections through art. For example, learn why Impressionism got started, and what was going on in the world when Picasso created Guernica?  Her favorite moments teaching are the times when the students see art in a whole new way and are impressed with what they have created! Kristi studied art at University of Georgia, then Art Education at Georgia State. She earned her teaching certification in 2004 and has been teaching ever since.


Students in art camp sessions will create unique artworks that reflect the artist’s own intentions.

Each project will have famous artist examples that are indicative of technique, style and general art movement information in order for students to make a connection to the project being worked on.



Each week of camp will include some of the following, with no project repeated twice:

* Weaving based on Native American techniques. This may include hand designed paper weaving, cardboard loom weaving with raffia, twigs, and grasses or coiled core basket weaving

* Colored paper cut-outs including pattern designs in the style of Matisse

* Drawing half of a portrait or image to match a digital photograph or magazine image (ages 14-17)

* Drawing a Line/Pattern design within a cityscape or landscape in marker

* Australian Aborigines animal drawings in oil pastel

* Cubism still life in colored pencil

* Designing your own candy or junk food while learning about color schemes

* M.C. Escher and Op Art (or optical art) using lines and patterns to create a special visual effect.

* Scratchboard Transformations (ages 14-17) From an inorganic object like an airplane, transform it into a bird