Tee ball Practice # 1 (Roadmap) (ages 4-6)


A. Team meeting to begin 1st practice (10 minutes)

      1.Goals for the season

                  a. Learn the basics of the sport of baseball

                  b. Learn the basics of organized team sports     

                  c. Help young players create a framework within which they will begin to

 understand sports and athletics

                        d. Learn the fundamentals of sportsmanship

                        e. Have fun

2. In this league

a. Every player bats every inning,

b. Allow players to play any / all positions throughout the season

            3. Help needed

                        a. Assistance coaches, 1st and third base, outfield, dug-out

b. Team Mom – Help with communication, handing out uniforms, any other minor things that will allow the coach to focus on coaching and reaching the goals stated above


B. Practice session

            1. The game of baseball – How its played  (A general explanation) (5 minutes)

a. Players take turns hitting, running the bases and attempt to get all the way around the bases without getting tagged out.

b. The other team is in “the field” and try to get the ball that has been hit and tag the base runners out. 

c. The teams take turns batting and fielding

d. The team that scores the most points, called “runs” wins

            2. Batting / Running the bases (15  minutes)

a. Batting safety (ie. wait for the coach, never pick up bats until the coach hands them to you, etc)

b. Dug out rules (don’t climb the fence, be ready when its your turn, remember where you put your glove)

c. On deck circle

d. Base Identification

            3. Fielding – (players on a line, in unison) (10 Minutes)

                        a. Get in front of the ball

b. Open glove – proper position

c. Touch glove to the ground    

            4. Throwing – (players on a line, in unison) (15 Minutes)

                        a. “Catching hand” / “throwing hand”

b. take ball out of glove, point glove to target, step towards the target with glove foot, throw ball from behind ear

5. Scrimmage – all players in field except batter and base runners… (Any

remaining time)

            6. Post meeting

                        a. Reminder about game time and place

                        b. Team cheer

                        c. Hand out uniforms