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Thanks to Michael McCollum for sharing the following tips:

I have put a few building blocks/fundamentals to paper.  Credit to Kevin Howard, LaGrange College Head Baseball Coach, and coach to many

5-10 year olds each summer. When you all are playing in the yard or talking about baseball, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Fielding Ground Balls:

  • Centered on ball

  • Dog on leash – glove out front

  • Creep steeps – on toes moving forward

  • Alligator snap – throwing hand traps ball

  • Bring to belly button

  • Crow hop and “Sight ‘em up”


Catching Fly Balls:

  • Two hands!

  • Tall glove eye level

  • Thumbs together if above waist

  • Pinkies together if below waist




  • 2-3 fingers on Horseshoe

  • Turn sideways to the target

  • “Sight ‘em up”

  • Point with glove to the target

  • “L” shaped throwing arm – knuckles to head, ball away from head

  • Step to target





  • Depth and distance – lay the bat down across top of plate, draw line in sand
  • Knuckles to sky – check by pointing index fingers (should be same direction)
  • Hands back by ear
  • Little step toward pitcher
  • Squish the bug with back foot
  • Bat wraps all the way around